Small vs. Large Group Workouts: Finding the Right Fit for Your Fitness Goals

Multiple people doing calisthenics.

When it comes to group workouts, size can make a significant difference in your experience and the results you achieve. Both small and large group workouts have their pros and cons, but many find that small group workouts offer a sweet spot between personalized attention and the social benefits of group exercise. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide which is best for your fitness journey.

Small group workouts


  • Specialized attention: In a small group setting, instructors can provide more personalized guidance, ensuring that you perform exercises correctly and effectively.
  • Customized experience: With fewer participants, workouts can be tailored to the group’s specific fitness levels and goals, leading to more targeted results.
  • Stronger camaraderie: A smaller group fosters a sense of community, making it easier to connect with fellow participants and stay motivated.
  • Accountability: The close-knit environment of a small group encourages accountability, as your absence is more noticeable, and your progress is closely monitored.
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  • Higher cost: Small group workouts may be more expensive than larger classes due to the personalized attention provided.
  • Limited availability: There may be fewer small-group workout options available, and popular classes can fill up quickly.

Large group workouts


  • Energy and atmosphere: Large group workouts often have a dynamic and high-energy vibe, which can be motivating and invigorating.
  • Diverse social interaction: With more participants, there’s a greater opportunity to meet a variety of people and expand your social circle.
  • Cost-effective: Larger classes are typically more affordable, making them accessible to a wider range of individuals.


  • Less personal attention: Instructors may not be able to provide as much individual guidance, which can affect the effectiveness of your workout and increase the risk of injury.
  • Less customization: The workout is designed to accommodate a broad audience, which may not align with your specific fitness goals or needs.

Try small group workouts in St. Augustine

While large group workouts offer an energetic and cost-effective option, small group workouts stand out for their personalized attention, customized experience, and a stronger sense of community. If you’re looking for a more tailored approach to your fitness routine with the added benefit of social interaction, small-group workouts might be the better choice for you. Regardless of your preference, the key is to find a workout environment that keeps you motivated, challenged, and on track to achieve your fitness goals.


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